Let me make it clear about KEF Reference 1 review

Let me make it clear about KEF Reference 1 review


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Some speakers, especially during the end that is high are fussy. They have to be placed simply therefore, be allied to your right system and need a specific standard of recording quality before they begin to shine. These KEFs will vary.

We begin by placing them where our reference ATCs stand in our normally listening room together with Reference 1s noise balanced. The listening position to optimise the performance, we bring them a little closer together, firing almost straight ahead rather than being angled in towards.

Benefiting from the Uni-Q’s wider dispersion, this will make things better with a wider, nicely layered presentation, but basically does not affect the speakers’ character, in comparison to numerous rivals that only sound good in a place that is specific.

The exact same accommodating nature is obvious with regards to system-matching. They are top-end speakers effective at a high-degree of transparency, but offered they are fed by you with suitably talented electronic devices they truly are maybe perhaps not unduly fussy.

Just be sure you’re in love aided by the noise associated with the electronic devices, as any shortcomings won’t be hidden by these speakers further up the sign course.

We utilize our reference sources – Naim NDS/555 PS streamer and Clearaudio Innovation Wood/Cyrus Phono Signature – with Gamut’s D3i/D200i pre/power supplying the muscle mass. Luxman’s lovely L-509X built-in amplifier is additionally pushed into solution whenever needed.

These speakers are not specially painful and sensitive though. They truly are rated at 85dB/W/m, this means you are going to desire a pretty hefty amplifier to obtain high amount amounts in a more substantial space.

One thing with a decent present supply and around 100W per channel is a great starting place, specially as impedance falls to no less than 3.2 ohms regardless of the business claiming an 8 ohms nominal figure.

Having a range of slot lengths is intriguing. Choosing involving the two is just a easy matter of twisting the screw-on limit that holds the slot secure and pulling the tube that is slightly flexible.

The port that is long is most effective within our medium-sized test space, supplying lots in the form of bass reach without lacking accuracy.

The performance of standmounters is governed by the caliber of their help. We utilize KEF’s committed stands, that are not even close to low priced at ВЈ1000 – but allow the speakers perform as meant.

They are interestingly hefty whenever filled and contain the speakers securely as a result of a bolt-on arrangement. There is no significance of anything as makeshift as Blu Tack right right right here.


As soon as ready to go it does not just take long to learn that the Reference 1s are brilliant all-rounders. They usually have a spread that is broad of make sure they are adaptable across an array of music.

When expected to replay significant Attack’s Angel at high amounts, many standmounters wilt – yet not these. These KEFs noise remarkably guaranteed, and also have the variety of authority that could be out of n’t devote a decently sized floorstander.

The song’s relentless, rolling bass line with a great deal of power, punch and precision for a speaker that stands just 44cm high, they dig deep and render.

Going within the frequency range, the Uni-Q delivers a seamless, cohesive and impressively concentrated noise through the midrange upwards. Voices come through with conviction and clarity. The 1s deliver a complete dosage of subtlety and expression.

Lovely performance that is midrange a genuine feeling of human body and concentrate to vocals.

The best frequencies might not quite have the extraordinary refinement or finesse of Bowers & Wilkins’ 805 D3s (with regards to exotic diamond tweeter), nevertheless the KEFs countertop with superior cohesion and a higher regularity character that is more constant with all the remaining portion of the regularity range.

We change to Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet additionally the KEFs change gear consequently. They seem therefore composed, delivering this symphony that is engaging astonishing substance and solidity.

Large-scale characteristics are delivered with simplicity and energy, whilst having analysis that is enough keep an eye on low-level instrumental strands whenever things have demanding. High volume amounts are no nagging issue either – the KEFs find a way to fill our test room with simplicity.

It comes down as no real surprise to obtain the Reference 1s image well. Accurate speaker-matching is area of the range’s DNA right from the start, therefore the Uni-Q’s talents in terms of dispersion, midrange/tweeter time alignment and general integration come towards escort services in Clinton the fore in this respect.

The establish that is 1s significant soundstage and populate it with beautifully layered and exactly situated instruments.

The elaborate case construction delivers a peaceful enclosure, the one that doesn’t colour the sound featuring its very very own signature. The effect is a presentation that breaks well free from the speakers on their own.

We just like the speaker’s balance that is tonal. You will find pretty much forgiving sufficient in regards to poor-quality tracks – though feed the KEFs a harsh recording and they don’t take to and work out it more palatable – but similarly they do not walk out their method to be rude either.

Unlike many options, the noise from the speakers keeps a reasonable dosage of life at reduced volume amounts. The b&Ws that are aforementioned pretty lifeless when played quietly, nevertheless the KEFs nevertheless sound energetic and enjoyable whenever utilized in this manner.


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These KEFs are great all-rounders. As opposed to excel in some certain areas, they succeed over the board and noise in the home across a range that is whole of.

They truly are as unfussy a speaker that is high-end we have heard as it pertains to positioning and partnering, but will reward care consumed both.

Include profoundly considered engineering, smart look and superb create to the equation and we also do not have option but to suggest them extremely.