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Since we have angle and we are constructive people, Cambodian never wish to battle again. Mey… it’s generalisation and isn’t meant to mean that the author sees all Cambodian women this fashion, but generalisations are primarily based on an element of truth.

so we’ve the ability to delete their publish as a result of they are too non-public. He is a creepy who doesn’t want his associates back residence to know. “this desperately sad sexpat” – As I’ve already mentioned, the writer lives in his house country. But I suspect that lots of these are from disgusted Cambodian women who just instinctively click on the “like” button every time they see it. So by my calculations the web has voted in favor of this text.

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To summarise, my opinion will help to improve and change woman attitude. it’s as a result of he got mad that they have been ignored his privacy messages, and wall posted after they accepted his pal request. As much as I am Cambodian, I have to agree with the writer that his observations are synchronous with mine. I am in all probability gonna get like a ton of hater replying me with threats of amputation or gunshots to the top but in all honesty, Cambodian women are exactly what the author makes them out to be.

Some half you wrote are true however it’s not true in any respect. lots of my friend actually put their actual name.

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I had been leaving in Cambodia for a couple of month. ninety eight% of inhabitants assume they are leaving in a great country and they are one of the best! They don’t see the issues inside the country and ignor what os happening round them . So, what do I suppose… Not as good as your earlier ones, GM but I totally respect the humour and I actually wish humour translated well across nations. Only one girl one man , honesty defend your well being and mental well-being. No marvel that now the top 20 largest facebook teams are administered by Indian, Pakistan, Arab, …and Cambodia….

“Poking her cheek with index finger” is spot-on. K440 wants an enormous emoticon of a smiley with thick black eyebrows and a Charlie Chaplin moustache for the individuals in Cambodia to ‘see’ humour. In addition, have a sound file of canned laughter so the posters in America can get the joke. Thanks GM, it had been a while since I hadn’t had such a good occasions reading through readers’submissions.

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In the the ‘anti’ GavinMac camp, we’ve about 100 screechy women. Poor Cambodian individuals can not afford to entry to the web. I know it as a result of I am working with individuals dwelling in rural space. They are poor or uneducated, it doesn’t mean they are bad individuals. They have their own values to be revered.

Keep writing extra jokes about Cambodian, Gavinmac. I am additionally 100% degree with you about 7 causes to not marry a Cambodian woman. I don’t know what is funnier, the article or some of the PC replies? Lighten up all, that is tongue-in-cheek and plenty of the stuff is so bloody true.

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Being rich and educated doesn’t make individuals superior. We don’t eat money, but we eat rice the farmers produce. It is not their errors if they can’t afford to pay for education. We ought to really feel pathetic for them, and to not criticize them. You’re completely mistaken, poor Cambodian women don’t use computers browse around this site, and so they wouldn’t even know what Facebook is. The women he’s speaking about are most likely all comparatively well off and educated. C’mon – own up, whose capability-constructing-development-gender primarily based-empowerment discussion board has linked to this text.

they submit about their sadness not fairly often evaluating to sharing with their close pal. also my associates and i rarely submit about our feelings too. Just wondering what number of Cambodian women that Mr. so-called Gavinmac have been “friend” with that would increase to such presumption for the women with Cambodian nationality generally? How can you probably say “CAMBODIAN” women?? It is simply too awckward to see such accurate analysis on Cambodian women while the author cannot merely specific any primary of thinking as a human to do so.